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If you're a first-time driver, first of all, congrats on passing your road test! Second of all, you have to realize how big of a responsibility driving actually is. By 2018, there will be roughly 260 million vehicles — up 5% — on the road in the United States. Because of how many people are driving these giant metal machines, safety is more important than ever.

Hopefully, you never would've passed your road test if you are unaware of the rules of the road. These rules obviously must be followed at all times to ensure driver and passenger safety. But there is another major aspect of vehicle safety that you might not be too familiar with.

Vehicle Maintenance

Unfortunately, far too many people have no idea how their vehicle actually operates. They know how to turn the key, put it in gear, and drive to where they need to go. But that's it — they don't know anything else about the actual makeup of their vehicles. This kind of attitude can lead to a lackadaisical approach to car maintenance. If you aren't keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance, however, not only will you end up having to spend a significant amount of money on future repairs, but you will also be putting yourself and everyone else on the road at serious physical risk.

DIY Service

Performing simple maintenance tasks can be done by anyone, no matter their automotive experience, they just have to know what to look for. You should inspect your entire vehicle before every drive in order to ensure safety on the roads. You don't have to get dirty and inspect every inch of your car, but you should just perform a quick eye test before you get behind the wheel. Make sure all four tires are full of air, make sure there isn't anything strange in the engine, and check to make sure all your lights are working properly.

Professional Service

If you need more difficult maintenance done to your car, like smog checks and other complicated tasks, you might not be able to handle it yourself, and that's all right. To fully guarantee proper vehicle maintenance, you should have professionals perform quality automotive service like smog check, difficult engine maintenance, and anything else that might be over your head. Auto repair services are there to help make sure that every driver on the road is operating a fully functioning vehicle.

Unless you're aware of how to do your own engine repair, smog check, and other difficult repair jobs, you should seek help from the professionals. Contact Duncan's Automotive today for all of your vehicle maintenance needs.