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Vehicle maintenance is extremely important especially as more and more vehicles remain on the road for much longer nowadays. Today, the average vehicle on the road in the U.S. is a record-high 11.4 years old. Because these vehicles are lasting on the roadways much longer auto repair services and the various maintenance tests are more important than ever.

What is a smog test for a car?

Typically, smog inspections are a requirement for registering vehicles. If you fail a smog test or refrain from actually having your car tested, you might not be able to even renew your auto registration or acquire car insurance. Professional employees working for auto repair services will explain to you what is a smog test for a car and what exactly they are checking for.

Common causes of smog inspection failure

  • Faulty Check Engine Lighting System — The quickest way to fail any smog inspection or any other type of vehicle inspection for that matter, is to have an incorrect check engine lighting system. If you go into your inspection and the light fails to light up under certain conditions or comes on when it's not supposed to, you will fail your smog inspection test.
  • Readiness Flag Tests — Any vehicle newer than 1996 must have readiness flags set at the time of the inspection or it will not pass smog inspection. Readiness flags indicate that everything pertaining to the computer system is working fine.
  • Incorrect Gas Tank Requirements — In order to have the correct gas tank requirements at the time of the inspection, you have to keep your tank between one-fourth and three-fourths full.

If you fail your inspection, which is often the case with older vehicles, simply consult with auto professionals and get your vehicle fixed by an experienced repair service. As long as you're properly taking care of your vehicle and scheduling the necessary inspections, you should remain on the road for as long as possible.

If you want to learn more about what is a smog test for a car, talk to Duncan's Automotive today.