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Services Pre-Purchase Inspection

Shop for your next vehicle with piece of mind

Now that you've found the right vehicle, you need professionally trained eyes and ears to ensure that the seller's description is accurate. No matter what your particular requirements or needs, Duncan's Automotive Pre-Purchase Inspection Service program can help.

The final results are relayed only to you. No information about you or the vehicle is ever given to the seller.

We offer two levels of inspections:

Level 1 Inspection

Gift of a new car

The first level is a basic 37 point overview of the vehicle, looking at all of the safety items, fluid levels, checking belts, hoses, lights, brakes, and tires.

Level 2 Inspection

Auto parts

The second level is a more rigorous inspection. This service consists of a complete and thorough inspection of the vehicle's VIN tag, body and frame, all mechanical components, and complete interior appointments. Checking more than 100 different points on the vehicle. This level inspects the entire vehicle to ensure that it's of sound quality and has no hidden damage or any immediately needed repairs. This service also includes an emission sample to analyze smog gases, checking for technical service bulletins, and any possible recall notices. You'll also receive an in-depth analysis of the vehicle's core information such as basic quality and soundness - restorations - upgrades - customizations, etc. Finally we check online to be sure the vehicle is being offered at a fair market price.

The inspection is more thorough than you, or the seller expect. With a Duncan's Automotive pre-purchase inspection, you will get-to-know the "real" vehicle. Armed with this information, you'll know if the vehicle is worth buying, and a realistic purchase price.

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