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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

T-Tech Machine

The T-TECH total fluid exchange can safely and completely exchange virtually all of the fluid in the transmission system, including the fluid in the torque converter.

Heat is the enemy of transmission fluid. The fluid contains several light base oils and an extensive additive package to control foaming, slippage, lubricating properties, etc. Heat attacks the additives and oxidizes or burns them off leaving you primarily with base oils.

In order to slow the oxidation of the additives, vehicles have an oil cooler, usually in the radiator. The fluid is circulated through it every 4-5 minutes. The T-TECH system has 3 1/2 gallons of new fluid and is connected in-line between the transmission and the cooler. By running the vehicle (and it's transmission fluid pump), the old fluid enters the T-TECH rather than the cooler. It pushes new fluid into the cooler and transmission, rather than return the old fluid.

Because the T-TECH is merely an inline 3 1/2 gallon extension of the vehicle's transmission, it will not cause damage the transmission system. The T-TECH is a passive system that is driven by the vehicle's transmission fluid pump, so it cannot displace seals, plug screens, over or under pressurize, or over or under fill. It is operating in the same manner as if the vehicle was being driven, except that the old fluids are being replaced with new.

The T-TECH total fluid exchange is a process that provides a complete fluid change and superior protection for your automatic transmission.

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